GEN. Donald V. Bennett

GEN. Donald V. Bennett
General Donald V. Bennett (retired) is the author, with Dr. William R. Forstchen, of Honor Untarnished: A West Point Graduate's Memoir of World War II. He is a graduate and former commandant of West Point, won the Distinguished Service Cross and two Purple Hearts for his service in World War II.
Focus On: WWII
Patton’s Slap Remembered
By: GEN. Donald V. Bennett and William R. Forstchen | August 3, 2011
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Patton has been wrongly portrayed as someone who lusted for blood. No, he understood war, that it is through aggression that one ultimately saves blood, by overwhelming and intimidating an opponent into either retreating or surrendering. Men were trapped, fighting for their lives, and he was going to get them out. No war was ever won by someone trying to be “reasonable.”

I would witness this firsthand in one of the most famous incidents of the war.

I was in the next tent when Patton slapped the soldier.


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